Victim’s of Love: 9

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Victim’s of Love: 9

( Rose was awake and alone and the door to her ward opened and Dave walked in.)

Rose: (Surprised) What are you doing here? Who told you where I am?

Dave: I heard what happened to you from someone and I decided to check and see if it’s true.

Rose: I know you are the one who sent those thieves to my house.

Dave: Well if you say so, but I came here to see things for myself.

Mrs Juliet: (walking in at that moment and saw Dave) What are you doing here? Do you want to finally kill my daughter since you didn’t succeed in your first attempt?

Dave: Mama calm down, I did not send those thieves to beat up Rose.

Mrs Juliet: Shut up, before I count 1 to 3 you are out of here. 1…..2….. (Dave left the ward) Look at this devil and Rose. (Facing her daughter) Next time he comes here shout at the top of your lungs, who knows if he is here to check whether you are dead or alive.


( Rose and Junior.)

Junior: You will soon be discharged from the hospital. I have rented an apartment for you and your mother and furnished it, I have informed your mother about it and will soon be packing into the apartment. So once you leave here you will be heading straight to the new apartment.

Rose: Thank you Junior, what could I have done without you.

Junior: How are your legs now?

Rose: They are getting better, my bandage got changed today.

Junior: That’s good

Rose: It’s getting late won’t you be going home?

Junior: No, I will be staying here with you tonight. I have told my parents where I am. So relaxed yourself, okay?

Rose: Okay.


(Rose was seen having a phone conversation with her brother, Chidi.)

Rose: I am now getting better Chidi, don’t worry about us, Junior is taking very good care of us. (Pauses) I will tell mama you called, soon you will do your freedom and start your own business. (Smiles) Ikenna is in school (Pauses) Okay Chidi, take care, bye.


( Rose was seen alone and her ward door opened to reveal a doctor who was holding some liquid bottles with injection in his hands.)

Rose: Good evening doctor.

Doctor: Good evening, how are you feeling today?

Rose: I’m fine.

Doctor: What about your legs, are you still feeling any pain?

Rose: The pains are still there but not as before. It’s reducing.

Doctor: That’s great, anyway it’s time for your normal dosage.


One Month Later..

( Rose and Junior was seen having a conversation.)

Junior: The doctor said you will be discharged the day after tomorrow.

Rose: That’s nice, I can’t wait to get out of the hospital and see the world once again.

Junior: (Laughing) But you have your phone, it keeps you busy.

Rose: But it’s not like the real world. I can’t wait to get out of this bed.


( Rose, Junior and Mr James.)

Mr James: Sorry my wife couldn’t come to see you herself, she has a running stomach but she sends you her regards.

Rose: Thank you uncle, your presence alone fills hers. I am grateful for your visit.

Mr James: How are your legs now?

Rose: They are getting better Uncle, I hope I can be able to feel my legs again.

Mr James: You will Rose, with God all things are possible, hope my son has been treating you well?

Rose: (Staring at Junior) Yes Uncle, he has been supportive. I now truly love your son.

Mr James: (pleased) I am happy to hear that from you Rose.


( Rose was being discharged from the hospital as she was taken to Junior car on a wheelchair she sat on.)


Mr James Duplex:

( Junior and his mother was seen having a conversation in the living room.)

Mrs Lillian: How is Rose now?

Junior: She is fine now mum, she was discharged yesterday from the hospital.

Mrs Lillian: Thank God for her, what about her legs, can she walk with it?

Junior: Not yet mum, she is using a wheelchair for now.

Mrs Lillian: I pray God should heal her.

Junior: Amen mum.


Mrs Juliet New Apartment:

( Rose and Junior. The bandages were no longer on her legs.)

Junior: Guess what I brought for you which I kept outside.

Rose: Tell me, I am not a good guesser my husband.

Junior: (Showed her a car key) There is a new SUV parked outside the apartment which is yours.

Rose: (Collecting the car key) Thank you Junior, but you know I am not walking yet, how do I drive the car and my mother doesn’t know how to drive a car.

Junior: Relax I know you will talk about it. (Brings out his phone and dial a number which was picked immediately) Come in. (A young man came in) that is your new driver that will be taking you and mama anywhere you want to go from now henceforth.

Rose: (In a teary voice) Thank you Junior, God will bless you for me. How can I ever repay you?

Junior: By marrying me Rose (going down on one knees and brings out a ring) Make me the happiest man on earth, Will you marry me Rose?

Rose: (Scream in joy as she stretches her hand for junior to put the ring) Yes I will marry you.


Mrs Juliet New Apartment:

( Rose and her mother)

Rose: (Showing her mother the ring on her finger)

Mrs Juliet: Junior has proposed to you and he also gave you a car with your own personal driver?

Rose: Yes mama, he said it is the both of us that has the car.

Mrs Juliet: Wonders shall never end, who could have believed you will end up with Junior.

Rose: Even I myself wouldn’t have believed it if you told me years back. I am still in shock that he loves me after knowing my past.

Mrs Juliet: He is your true soulmate Rose, hold him tight and don’t ever leave him.

Rose: Mama are you telling me two times, I have held him very tight. (Yawned and stand up) Mama your food is in the kitchen, I want to sleep. Good night.

Mrs Juliet: Good night my beautiful daughter.



( Rose was at the back seat of her car as her driver was driving home, she was coming back from the market. Along the way, the car failed to hold the brake and the driver lost control of the car and it entered a nearby bush. The car ignited into fire.)


Mr James Duplex:

( Mr James was seen rushing into Junior room)

Mr James: Have you heard the news yet Junior?

Junior: What news?

Mr James: Rose has an accident with the car you bought for her, it’s on the news, no survivors.

Junior: It’s a lie. (He dialed Rose number it wasn’t going through then try her mother’s number which went through and rang twice before it was picked.) Hello mama, where is Rose?

Mrs Juliet: (Crying) Rose was involved in a ghastly accident, her car was burnt alongside with her and her driver.

Junior: No, (his phone slip from his hands)

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  1. Ajaoku Chiagozie says:

    Thanks hun

  2. Eunice says:

    Too many tragedy

  3. Chima Sylvia says:

    I hope somehow she escaped oo. I don’t like this kind of tragedy.

  4. Ngozi says:

    Who could be doing dis

  5. What? Hope she survived oo
    This kind bad luck and heart break, I hope that useless Vivian or Mrs Lilian is not behind all this tragidies

  6. Ogbu Blessing says:

    Am thinking Juniors mother has something to do with this, anyways, thanks Oma

  7. Theresa Tessy says:

    Jeez! Noooo… can’t end in tears…no no no…

  8. Chidera says:

    Ha from one problem to another hope rose is not dead oh

  9. Cynthia says:

    This is tragedy. Oh Rose please don’t die

  10. Uche love says:

    Rose what is your offence,I know she will not die but she need to die for all these to stop. She will survive but will go for plastic surgery that will change her identity.

  11. Jameson says:

    I don’t like this kind of thing oo abeg nothing should happen to rose o
    Keep it authoress more grease to your elbow

  12. Chioma Ubah says:

    Rose escaped but the person behind all this may be junior mum.

  13. Oluwakemmy Oladipupo says:

    Oh nooooo!😢😢😢

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