Victim’s of Love: 8

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Victim’s of Love: 8

Mrs Juliet Kiosk:

( Rose was seen selling apples to someone when Dave was seen coming towards her.)

Dave: Rose so this is where you and your mother went and hid.

Rose: (Surprised to see Dave) What are you doing here? And how did you find us?

Dave: How I came to know you are here is none of your business. You are still my wife, we weren’t officially divorced you just woke up one morning pack your bags and left my house.

Rose: I ran for my life before I die in your hands, Dave I am no longer married to you. I will prepare my divorce papers so you can sign and walk out of my life.

Dave: Whether you like it or not you are still my wife.

Rose: I am now someone else’s wife.

Dave: Not on my watch Rose, you shall soon hear from me. (He left.)


An Eatery:

( Rose and Junior was seen eating.)

Junior: You sounded urgently on the phone, what is it?

Rose: It’s Dave ooo

Junior: Who is Dave?

Rose: The one I got married to first, he came to my mother’s kiosk and threatened to take me back.

Junior: Did you not divorced him?

Rose: No.

Junior: Well in that case I will get my lawyer and we will give him the divorce papers. Was that why you called me?

Rose: Yes.

Junior: You don’t need to worry, I am here now and nothing can separate us.


Mr James Duplex:

( Junior was seen coming down from the stairs all dressed up as Mrs Lillian followed him.)

Mrs Lillian: And where do you think you are going?

Junior: To see Excel of course mum.

Mrs Lillian: (following him to the front door and stopping him from leaving) Junior, I want to discuss something with you.

Junior: Now?

Mrs Lillian: Yes now.

Junior: I am listening.

Mrs Lillian: I know your father wouldn’t tell you this but I will, that woman is too old for you.

Junior: Which womAn are you talking about?

Mrs Lillian: Rose, old is older than you and she is married before.

Junior: Mum, her age doesn’t bother me one bit neither is her previous marriages.

Mrs Lillian: If it was another girl you brought home I will accept you to marry her, but not Rose, I see her like my daughter.

Junior: Mum you of all people should have understood what love is, I really do love Rose and want to marry her and there is nothing anyone can do or say to change my mind about her. (He opened the door and left)


Mrs Juliet Kiosk:

( Rose and Junior was seen seated together as Junior eats an apple.)

Junior: Has David ever come since that day?

Rose: No I have not seen him oo

Junior: I have informed my lawyer and your divorce papers are ready. (He gave her the papers) Whenever you see him or he comes here, just quickly give me a call, okay.

Rose: (Collecting the papers) Thank you Junior, I just hope he comes here again.


Mr James Room:

( James and his wife was seen laying side by side on the bed)

Mrs Lillian: Darling, talk to your son Junior to stay away from that girl called rose.

Mr James: Why?

Mrs Lillian: She’s too old for our son and have gotten married before.

Mr James: I see no wrong thing in this after all I got married to you after your first marriage.

Mrs Lillian: That is not what I am talking about and you know it. Junior is making a terrible mistake if he marries Rose.

Mr James: Honey, leave Junior and Rose alone. They are victims of Love and we shouldn’t put asunder. Junior Loves Rose ever since he was young and now that the girl has finally agreed to his proposal, we should let them be. Good night love


Mrs Juliet House:

( Rose and her mother was seen sleeping on a bed when 4 thieves break down the door to their one room apartment. Three of them were holding planks except one who holds a gun)

Rose: (Waking up and saw the thieves who wore mask on their faces, she shake her mother who woke up and shouted)

1st Thieves: (Pointing gun at her) If you shout we go clear your life. (Mrs Juliet kept quiet.) Na you be Rose? (He points at Rose)

Rose: Yes I am the one, I did not do anything.

1nd Thieves: Shut up, who asks you? ( He tried the mouth of Rose and her mother  and the other thieves started using their planks to hit Rose hard. Once they were satisfied, they left Rose in so much pain.)



( Rose in a hospital with her mother sitting beside her. She was sleeping as her two legs were bandaged. The door to the ward opened and Junior came in going to meet Rose.)

Junior: Good morning mama, I have to rush down here after you called, what happened?

Mrs Juliet: Thieves broke in and started beating Rose and left her this way. They did not take anything else with them, it was as if they were paid to beat up my precious daughter.

Junior: I will get to the root of this Mama, what did the doctor say?

Mrs Juliet: He said that she will walk again but it will take long for that to happen, they really want to damage my daughter’s legs.

Junior: Let me see the doctor, I will get back to you (He left the ward.)

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10 Responses

  1. Ngozi says:

    This is Dave’s doing. Tanks

  2. Eunice says:

    Dave hand work

  3. Uche love says:

    Oh! This Dave of a man want to kill Rose,dey as husband u no gree,comet for road wey person wey love this gal marry am you no gree, you be witch?

  4. Omotooke says:

    I hope this is not the handwork of Mrs Lilian

  5. Ogbu Blessing says:

    Dave at work, chaiii, wahala de o

  6. Jecinta says:

    Who could have done this to rose? I suspect Mrs Lilian or useless Dave

  7. Mrs Lilian informed Dave about Rose and he sent those thieves. What a word!
    Thank you OMA

  8. Ammy says:

    It might not b Dave’s doing but Mrs Liliana

  9. Cynthia says:

    There’s trouble. Who is this unknown person.

  10. Chioma Ubah says:

    Too.many commitment is not good could this be dave or Mrs Julian hand work. Thata why is necessary to always try and return a bride price when the girl leaves the marriage.

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