Victim’s of Love: 7

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Victim’s of Love: 7

An Eatery:

( Rose and Junior was seen seated inside an eatery with two bottles of Malts in front of them.)

Rose: (with a sad sigh) That was what happened after I got married to Dave and Samson.

Junior: You went through a lot Rose. When I came back I searched for you but I didn’t see you, I even went to Akure and asked your former neighbours and they told me you no longer live there. Thank God I met you today.

Rose: Me too Junior, I do ask of you from your mum.

Junior: She never told me that, anyway I am glad you are here. My parents won’t believe it if I tell them.

Rose: It’s been a long I last saw them.

Junior: Give your phone number and your house address.

Rose: I don’t have a phone, sold it some months ago to be able to complete Ikenna’s admission fees.

Junior: Alright, give me your house address (he gave her his phone which she began writing her house address. Junior eye never left her face.)


Mrs Juliet House:

Later that Night.

( Rose and her mother was seen eating)

Mrs Juliet: Rose my daughter you still haven’t told me who gave you such a huge amount of money which you used part of it to prepare this meal.

Rose: Mama guess who I met today?

Mrs Juliet: Tell me Na you know I am not a good guesser.

Rose: I met Junior today Mama, you need to see how happy he was seeing me.

Mrs Juliet: Junior? My friend Lillian son?.

Rose: Yes Mama, he was the one who gave me the money and even told me he is coming here tomorrow to take me to their house. It has been a long time I saw Uncle and Aunty.

Mrs Juliet: Thank God tomorrow is Sunday, both my friend and her husband will be at home. God will bless Junior for me,

Rose: Amen Mama, amen.


Mr James Duplex:

( Mr James and his wife was seen seated together watching a movie when Junior and Rose came in.)

Junior: (Excited) Mum, Dad look who I brought with me. (Both husband and wife turned to look at their visitors.)

Mr James: (Smiling) Rose, is this really you?

Rose: Good afternoon uncle, good afternoon aunty happy Sunday, yes it’s me.

Mrs Lillian: I am so happy to see you my dear. How is your mum doing?

Rose: (still standing) She is fine aunty.

Mr James: Sit down dear.

Rose: (Sitting down and junior sat next to her) Thank you uncle.

Mrs Lillian: Let me go and get something for you Rose. (Getting up to her feet she walks towards the kitchen.)



Junior Room:

( Junior and his mother)

Mrs Lillian: My son, I don’t like the way you were following Rose about this afternoon.

Junior: Mum I see no wrong in that. She’s my friend.

Mrs Lillian: Don’t forget she is a married woman.

Junior: Mum, she is no longer in that marriage.

Mrs Lillian: I have said my own.


Mrs Juliet Kiosk.

( Rose and Junior was seen seated. They were alone.)

Rose: I didn’t know you were coming today.

Junior: I couldn’t allow another day to pass without seeing your beautiful face.

Rose: (Laughing) Stop that Junior.

Junior: But I am not lying, I brought you something. (He gave her a brand new Android phone.)

Rose: (Collecting the phone pack from Junior) You got me a phone Junior?

Junior: Yeah, at least we can reach each other.

Rose: Thank you so much Junior.

Junior: You are welcome, so do you have anyone in your life now, boyfriend?

Rose: No, I don’t think I will be in any relationship for now, what about you, any girlfriend?

Junior: No, (Suddenly serious) Rose do you still remember what I told you on the phone years ago?

Rose: (trying to recall but couldn’t remember) No, I don’t, please refresh my memory.

Junior: I told you my feelings, I told you I love you and you warned me.

Rose: I remembered.

Junior: The thing is I still love you.

Rose: You are joking?

Junior: I am not joking Rose, you have been in my mind all these years and when I came back and I couldn’t see you, it felt as if I had died. But now that I have seen you, I am not letting you go. I love you Rose and I will love to make you my wife. I have been asking you for your love since and you keep pushing me away, and I am still asking you now, so please don’t push me away this time around. The love I have for you is real.

Rose: But you know my story Junior I got married twice.

Junior: Can’t you see they are not meant for you, you and I are meant for each other, please my beautiful Rose, love me back that’s all I ask

Rose: Our age gap between us is much.

Junior: And so? What matters right now is true love, age isn’t a barrier once it comes to love.

Rose: I am afraid to give a man my heart again after what I have been through.

Junior: Try me Rose and you will see the difference, my love for you is real.

Rose: Your parents won’t accept this.

Junior: Don’t worry about my parents, they will understand and accept you as the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with. You cannot fight this rose. This is fate, if we are not meant for each other then I would have gotten married.

Rose: Okay, I have heard you Junior, I am going to give us a trial.

Junior: (Jumping around with joy, pulling her to her feet and hugging her.) Thank you, thank you rose. I promise you, you won’t regret this. I love you so much.


One Month Later..

Mr James Duplex:

( Rose, Junior and his parents were seen seated together in the living room.)

Mr James: Son you said you want to tell us something.

Junior: Yes dad, I have seen the one I want to settle down with.

Mrs Lillian: (Excited) And who is she? Where is the girl?

Junior: Mum she is no other person than Rose here.

Mr James: (Smiling) Finally, she accepted to love you back

Junior: Yes dad (holding her hands into his)

Mr James: I am so happy for the both of you.

Mrs Lillian: (Her smile faded into a frown) Excuse me. (She stood up and left their presence without saying another word.)

Rose: Uncle you know he loves me?

Mr James: Yes rose, since he was little, I have seen the love he has for you in his eyes, at first I thought it was a crush but it grows to be love.

Junior: Which gets more stronger everyday dad. (Mr James laughed happily.)


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14 Responses

  1. Jecinta says:

    Wow! This is good.
    Finally Rose has accepted

    • Ngozi says:

      This is good but the mother won’t allow it. Tanks. Sweetheart we are still waiting for the finale of secret princess

  2. Chukwuka Joy says:

    I love this story
    Thanks a lot OMA

  3. Omotooke says:

    Mrs Lilian will never allow junior to marry Rose..Thanks Oma

  4. Hmmmmm, Mrs Lilian will fight rose oo. I pray it goes well for them

  5. Hmmmmm, Mrs Lilian will fight rose oo. I pray it goes well for them. If not that life dealt with Rose
    But y didn’t Mr James ask rose y she didn’t cash the money since he didn’t see her alert?

  6. Ogbu Blessing says:

    Juniors mum, would not accept it o

  7. Chidera says:

    Hmmmm dis love is not going to easy oh cuz Mrs Lillian will not agree oh

  8. Cynthia says:

    It won’t be easy for Rose. I just wish she will find peace. Thanks Oma

  9. Tessy says:

    Hmmm Mrs Lillian will throw a fight o ooo…..hmmm

  10. Eunice says:

    This is going to b war

  11. Uche love says:

    Can this be love,true love never dies,no matter how long it taries.

  12. Chioma Ubah says:

    The say love conquers all, i pray Mrs Julian will allow junior marry Rose. Because it is fate that brought them back together.

  13. Oluwakemmy Oladipupo says:


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