Victim’s of Love: 10 Final Chapter

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Victim’s of Love: 10 Final Chapter

Unknown building:

( Rose was seen with wounds on her body, her hands were tied and her mouth was gagged. Her eyes weren’t tied and she noticed she was in a room. The door that leads to the room open and a scary guy, Okon, with a guy entered carrying a cup filled with water. )

Okon: (In a thick voice) If you scream I will shoot you, do you understand me? (Rose nodded her head and the gag was removed, he placed the cup to her lips and she drank it all. He gagged her mouth again.) We are not going to kill you yet. (He left the room)


( Rose was seen tied. The door to the room opened and Dave walked in.)

Dave: Rose, Rose. (Rose tried to say something but was prevented by the gag in her mouth. Dave removed the gag.)

Rose: Dave what are you doing here? Release me Immediately.

Dave: You are not going anywhere Rose, we planned your accident so we can kidnap you and take your death to your loved ones which they are buying.

Rose: Why? What did I do to you Dave, is it by force to get married to you?

Dave: You will get to know why we kidnap you once you meet my boss. Your food will be brought to you and your hands will be released, if you make any funny move you are gone for real. (He left the room)


( Rose was seen crying when the door to the room opened and Dave and Mrs Lillian walked in.)

Mrs Lillian: Untie mouth (Dave did as instructed)

Rose: (Surprised) Aunty what is going on?

Mrs Lillian: I will tell you what is going on, I planned with Dave and his boys to kidnap you.

Rose: Why Aunty, what did I do to you?

Mrs Lillian: What did you do to me? I will tell you. I noticed that Junior loves you and that was why I had to bring Dave into the picture and get him married to you, he lied to you about where he works. I thought if you are married the feelings Junior has for you will fade, but I was wrong. So I sent those thieves to your house to break your legs, but still Junior didn’t leave you, so i made another plan. Dave and his boys mess up with your car brake when your driver went to ease himself. They monitor your car until it enters the bush and swing into action. They took your unconscious body out of the car and killed your driver, putting a girl of your age and size in the back seat. Then they blow up the car, now everyone thinks you are dead. I am only keeping you alive because I want to rub it to your face when I get Junior married to the lady of my choice.

Rose: But Aunty I did not wrong you by falling with your son, please release me and let me go home to my mother, I promise not to tell Junior.

Mrs Lillian: (giving her a slap) Don’t you ever call my son name on those wretched lips of yours. I will deal with you that you will regret ever crossing my path. (She left the room and Dave reclose her mouth)


Mr James Duplex:

( Junior was seen crying who was being consoled by his mother in his room.)

Mrs Lillian: (Wailing the loudest) Death, oh death, why did you take Rose away from my son? Why? Rose was a nice girl, why will death snatch her away from us? Why?


( Junior was seen passing near his mother room when he heard her voice.)

Junior: (Placing his ears on the door as he eavesdrop on her conversation)

Mrs Lillian: Make sure you torture her well Dave, give Rose marks. Don’t worry about my son, he’s going to forget about her now that he believes she’s truly dead.

Junior: (Opening the door and rushing to collect her phone shocking her mother, he ended the call) Dad! (Mr James came to the room) Dad you won’t believe what I heard. Tell dad right now.

Mr James: Tell me what?

Junior: Rose is alive dad, mum and Dave planned and fake her death. Mum is hiding her somewhere.

Mr James: (Facing his wife) Is it true?

Mrs Lillian: (Crying) It’s true ooo.

Mr James: But why? What did Rose ever do to you? Or don’t you want your son happiness?

Mrs Lillian: I am sorry, it’s the devil. I did it because I don’t want my son to get married to someone who is older than him.

Mr James: Junior really loves Rose, he didn’t plan for this, love did. You should have been happy that a girl you trained and is well behaved is who our son loves. Love doesn’t know age, true love conquers all.

Mrs Lillian: I am sorry, please my son forgive me.

Junior: I will only forgive you if you tell me where you’ve kept my Rose.


Unknown building:

( Rose is being saved by the police and Dave and his boys captured by the police and being led to the police van. Mrs Lillian was seen at the back of the van chained and crying out her eyes.)



( Rose and Junior was seen getting married. Both families were there except Mrs Lillian.)

Rose: (Whispering into Junior ear as the priest stood in front of them) Thanks for loving me after so many years.

Junior: (Whispering into her ears) Thanks to Fate for making me have you and for not allowing my love for you quench for once. I love you Rose.

Rose: I love you too Junior.

A toast to Love.

An old script of mine I sold some years ago.

The End.

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  1. I enjoyed it very well oo. I sensed it that Mrs Lilian hand is in it. Thank God for happy ever after

  2. Ngozi says:

    I really enjoyed the story. Tanks love. Am eagarly waiting for secret princess.

  3. Jecinta says:

    This is superb. True love will always triumph. Thank you my dear for this wonderful story

  4. Ogbu Blessing says:

    I knew it was Mrs Lillian, what a world, thanks Oma

  5. Ada Zion says:

    Very interesting story for strong head like me that says no to marrying a man I senior.
    Love wins all.

  6. Amanda says:

    Very interesting

  7. Augustine Uzochi Ufomba says:

    Nice one i must say

  8. Cynthia says:

    Nice story. I did like it.

  9. Chioma Ubah says:

    Wow such a happy ending, i enjoyed the story . I knew it waz Mrs Julian

  10. Oreoluwa says:

    Love wins at the end

  11. Henry sp says:

    Happy ending…
    I this life not everyone that smiles at you loves you

  12. Oluwakemmy Oladipupo says:

    Love Prevail πŸŽŠπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Thanks Sis ❀

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