Searching for True Love: 1

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Searching for True Love: 1

A Gate:

(Amanda was seen knocking on a gate.)


(Keeps on knocking on the gate as no one answered. She saw a guy passing by and then stopped him) Please don’t be offended, I am looking for a guy call Dave who lives in this compound.


You mean this house?


Yes, do you know where he is?


If you are looking for someone that lives in this house, am afraid to say that you have be scammed.



Scammed? How?


The people who live in this house is scammer. Once they had scammed any of their victims, they will run away.

(The passerby left)


How could Dave do this to me?

(Knocked on the gate a few times more and entered her car, she drove away)


Amanda’s Office:

( Amanda and Lillian was seen discussing.)


(Pressing her phone then stops when she saw the sad look on Amanda’s face)

Babes, why is your face like that? Did someone offended you?


(Smiling sadly at Lillian)

Not that, I am just thinking. Lillian, take a good look at me, am I not beautiful?


You are very beautiful my friend.


Then why do men keep hurting me. Look at you, you are in a beautiful relationship. All my past relationships I had with men, keeps failing. I am confused, I don’t know what to do.”


Is that why you have that sad look? See Amanda, I have a friend, a guy, who is single and searching. He confided in me that he is seriously searching for a lady he can call his own. I can link him up with you, in fact, let me text him.


(Her sad face turned into a smiling face)

Are you serious Lillian?


Do I look like I am joking?

(She started typing in her phone)

I just texted him.


You think he will like me?


Who wouldn’t like you, you are every man’s dream, so yes he will love you.

(A message came to Lillian’s phone and she read it) you see I told you, he has agreed to meet you one on one. (She showed Amanda the message who screamed in happiness) I will give you his number, so you will fix a date and see how it goes from there.



Thank you so much Lillian, you are truly a friend.


You know I can do anything for you, so don’t make that sad face again.


I won’t.


Amanda’s House:

( Amanda’s was seen driving into her compound. She parked and came down with John.)


(Looking at the house in wonder)

Is this your house?



Yes, I am the owner of this house.


Wow, I am so proud of you.


Come on, let’s go inside.

(Still checking the house, John followed Amanda inside)

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12 Responses

  1. Adaobi says:

    Nice one Dear

    • Moyinoluwa says:

      Oma, this is becoming interesting.

      • Cynthia says:

        Thanks Oma. Another interesting story

  2. Ngozi says:

    I don’t trust dis John guy

  3. Interesting

  4. Jecinta says:

    This one will be interesting oh. Thank u for writing n sharing

  5. Ogbu Blessing says:

    Am sure this one would fail. Shaa just starting the story, thanks Oma

  6. Augustine Uzochi Ufomba says:

    I know what you can do so i trust you wont wakeup and start writting nonsense so i trust this one to be nice too

  7. Amanda says:

    Nice one

  8. Sylvia says:

    I hope Lilian is not hiding something because experience have taught me to always be careful.

  9. Chidera says:

    Hope he is not eat and run

  10. Chioma Ubah says:

    Amanda be careful with John and your friend, they both may have plans for you

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