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Victim’s of Love: 10 Final Chapter

Unknown building: ( Rose was seen with wounds on her body, her hands were tied and her mouth was gagged. Her eyes weren’t tied and she noticed she was in a room. The door that leads to the room open and a scary guy, Okon, with a guy entered carrying a cup filled with water.…
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Victim’s of Love: 9

( Rose was awake and alone and the door to her ward opened and Dave walked in.) Rose: (Surprised) What are you doing here? Who told you where I am? Dave: I heard what happened to you from someone and I decided to check and see if it’s true. Rose: I know you are the…
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Victim’s of Love: 8

Mrs Juliet Kiosk: ( Rose was seen selling apples to someone when Dave was seen coming towards her.) Dave: Rose so this is where you and your mother went and hid. Rose: (Surprised to see Dave) What are you doing here? And how did you find us? Dave: How I came to know you are…
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Victim’s of Love: 7

An Eatery: ( Rose and Junior was seen seated inside an eatery with two bottles of Malts in front of them.) Rose: (with a sad sigh) That was what happened after I got married to Dave and Samson. Junior: You went through a lot Rose. When I came back I searched for you but I…
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Victim’s of Love: 6

Mrs Juliet House: (Rose and her mother was seen discussing) Rose: That was what happened mama, I won’t come back to him until he comes here and beg me. Mrs Juliet: I support you for this one Rose, how person wey sey e don mature no fit behave well. You know dey go back for…
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Victim’s of Love: 5

Dave House: (Rose sat on the living room watching TV when Dave was seen coming to meet her, he was dressed for work.) Rose: Good morning my dear, I prepared your favourite jollof rice you will eat before you head to work. Dave: (checks his watch) I am running late for work, can I have…
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Victim’s of Love: 4

Continuation from the Last Episode:. Sorry for the delay. Mrs Lillian: What is wrong with your son? Mr James: if you ask me who will I ask. The Next Day: (Junior was watching the TV when Rose walked in, dressed beautifully.) Rose: Thank God I met you home today. (Going to meet him and sit)…
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Victim’s Of Love: 3

(Rose who have finished washing her plates and was seen climbing the stairs. She knocked on Junior’s door) Junior: Who is it? Rose: It’s me Rose, I want to talk to you, can I come in? Junior: Feel free. Rose: (Opened the door and entered junior room. She saw him lying on his king size…
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Victim’s of Love 2

(Mrs Lillian was having a phone conversation with her friend Mrs Juliet.) Mrs Lillian: You’ve gotten the phone I sent? Mrs Juliet: (On the other end) Yes my friend, na better android be this, thank you. Mrs Lillian: Thank God, (she entered the kitchen and saw rose watching the used plates) Rose come and speak…
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Victim’s of Love: 1

Somewhere in Akure: (Mrs Juliet and Mrs Lillian were at the front of Mrs Juliet house. They were both seated and facing each other) Mrs Lillian: Where is your daughter Rose? Mrs Juliet: She has gone to fetch drinking water from the tap in the next street. Mrs Lillian: I hope you’ve told her she…
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