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Undercover (The End) 8

Henry was sitting on the roof doubled over gripping his side. Jade dropped to her knees in front of his “Hen…” He looked up at her “His depth of perception is way off.” Now that she was at his level, she could see that he was actually holding his leg, not his side. That made her relax…
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Undercover (A High Ride) 7

Jade stared at the image of her director. The man who had basically raised her was the same man who had tried to kill her! She put her head in her hands “I cannot believe this.” she groaned. Her guess was, that since Cognito was retiring soon he wanted something bigger. “But how is he planning…
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Undercover (Another Attack) 6

The next morning, Jade slowly made her way to Cognito’s office and rapped on the door “Sir?” “What?” Cognito answered gruffly. “Can I come in?” “If you open the door.” Jade let out a huff of air. He wasn’t having a good day. She slowly pushed the door open “I… just wanted to apologize for…
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Undercover (The Garden and a Surprise Rescue) 5

“Well,” Henry said as they finished their dinner “Would you like to see the gardens?” Jade nodded “Yes, I would.” The two stood up, told the servants good bye and left the kitchen. “Mind if I ask you a question?” Jade asked as the leisurely walked down a long hall. “Not a bit, My lady.”…
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Undercover (A Day at the Palace) 4

Jade stepped into the town and smiled. There were kids running around playing, people standing here and there talking and what-not. It was apparent that everyone around knew each other and were at least friendly. Well… most of them. There were a few men standing around arguing, but me have a tendency to do that when…
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Undercover (Attempt To Attack) 3

Jade stared at him “What… Where’s your crown?” He smiled shyly “I don’t really like to wear it. It attracts too much attention.” She smiled and nodded “So I see.” His face lit up at her natural response. There was a girl who was acting normal! And she knew he was the prince now! Generally,…
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Undercover (Preparations for the First Ball) 2

Right after lunch, Jade was taken to a large room where a dance instructor was waiting. “It is the strangest sensation to be blindfolded and taken somewhere.” the man said. Jade smiled “I’m sure.” Till Dinner, Jade was led through different dances. Both she and the instructor were glad that she caught on fast. But…
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Undercover (Introduction) 1

When the chopper arrived at the agency headquarters, Jade jumped off of the ladder to the roof so they could land without having to worry about her. Not that they would, but it was a nice thought. “Another successful mission accomplished.” The director, Mr. Fredrick Ian Cognito, said “Thank you, Sir.” Jade said. “We trained…
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Undercover (Prologue)

Cold winds blew across the deserted streets, and dark clouds covered the moon as they brought their threat of rain, plunging the world into an inky blackness. Two tall, dark figures stopped in front of a -long-since closed down store. “Anyone follow you here?” the first one asked. “No one.” The seconds answered. Then he…
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