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Mermaid Tail 3 (Ending Part Two) 6

Continuation from the last episode:   “Don’t do it Leah!” Kylie called “Don’t give up the meriliah!” “Brave words for a person who’s about to drown.” Icezellia smirked “Just remember, Kylie. You can’t turn into a mermaid anymore.” She held up the shell necklace “Trust me.” Kylie gasped, her hand going to her throat “Oh…
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Mermaid Tail 3 (Ending Part One) 5

Zach was walking towards the hotel where he was staying, his mind on Merliah Summers. “I’m pretty sure she’s in some kind of trouble.” He said to himself “If only she would tell me.” “Maybe she won’t tell you because it’s out of your grasp to understand.” A cold, chilling voice said “But, you will discover…
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Mermaid Tail 3 (A Small Back Story) 4

Leah went to Wally’s. A small ice cream parlor that wasn’t far from the beach and slid into a booth in a back corner. There weren’t many people in, so it was pretty quiet. “Hi, Leah.” The waitress, Betty said. Betty was about four foot nine. She was quite round with a small silver bun on…
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Mermaid Tail 3 (Cecilia) 3

Leah was laying in her bed “How can I undo this?” Brake shrugged “I don’t know. But you’ll find a way. You always do.” Leah buried her face in her pillow “And what if I don’t?” she mumbled. “You will.” She heard him leave the room “But what if I can’t?” if she didn’t find a way to…
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Mermaid Tail 3 (Ice) 2

“Merliah. Merliah! Your Meriliah is weak. You can’t keep the ocean alive.” Leah looked around frantically, trying to find the source of the voice. But all that was there was dark, cold water. “You can’t keep using your Meriliah. You’ll kill the sea.” “But how?” Leah cried “What do I do? Every time I touch…
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Mermaid Tail 3 (Trouble In Oceana) 1

Zachery Johnson stepped off of the bus and walked towards the beach, followed by a number of other guys. They were in Malibu for a surfing competition that would take place at the end of the week. “Hey! Zach!” A brown haired boy called, running towards him. “Hi, Billy.” Zach waved at his old friend. Zach…
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