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Mate Of The Werewolf 3

  The Scent of the Night Wolf:   There standing inside her home, was a black wolf, and he was looking at her with the bluest eyes Eva had ever seen. The wolf was large in stature, board and strong, his legs thick and powerful. And his fur, it was a velvet black and looked…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 1 by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Crimson Wolf and the Wolf of Shadows: There was a sligh irritant in the air, an unwelcomed presence drifting upon the wind like a heavy shadow; she could feel it though, it caused her no alarm Camillia, or cammic as she was known to small and selective group of friends. With her long red hair,…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 2 by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Abusive Wolf and into the Wolf’s Den: Camillia was more than pissed off when she tailed her way back home, a grand house on the outskirts of town. This mansion once belonged to her parents, both of which are dead now. Her mother killed her father in a jealous rage when she found out he…
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