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Mate Of The Werewolf 8

Wolf In Shining Armour:   “Sorry kid”, the ash coloured wolf said as he lowered himself upon his hunches “Nothing personal, just following orders”. Eva ducked her head and squeezed her shut up on reflex when she realized Ross was going was going to strike down upon her. However, instead of feeling that familiar sensation…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 7

The Bronze Wolf and the Shade Wolf:   “What other wolves?” Eva asked. “You know exactly what I’m saying, you useless, pathetic, waste of sperm, scrawny, b—–d, b—h”. “Stop using that as an excuse for everything! Stop insulting me Camellia!” Eva surprisingly yelled at her. A thick silence suddenly fell over them as Camellia stared…
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The Return Of The Musketeers (Their Unfinished Story) 2

Eighteen Years Later:   “Maya!” a voice called up the stairs “It’s time to wake up!” A nineteen year old girl with icy blue eyes sat up. She had long curly white blond hair that had one brown streak through it “I’m awake!” she called, then added quietly “Have been for the past two hours”.…
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The Return Of The Musketeers (Their Unfinished Story) 1

Prologue:           It was 3:00am in the morning, and the air was filled with the sounds of shouts and screams as a surprise attack was made on Paris. Enemy soldiers stormed the town, burning some buildings, leaving others. Their orders had been to leave the town with as little need to…
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The Return Of The Musketeers (Their Unfinished Story)

Maya was left on the door step of an orphanage when she was barely a year old. When she is forced to leave the orphange she decides to find out what happened to her real family. Along the way she makes some unlikely friends and the girls all have necklaces that seem to match each…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 6

Gaining A Wolf’s Curiosity:       “Eva! You useless d–k. Where the hell are you?” The sound of her sister’s voice pulled Eva back into reality and she harshly broke the passionate kiss she was experiencing with Chance, she looked up in mild surprise when she heard an aggressive growl radiate from Chance, but…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 5

In Search of the White Wolf:     How utterly typical,the wolf she had been chasing,distinctively male,had decided to take the cowardly route and hide from her, Camellia,the Crimson Wolf. And Camellia couldn’t wait to remind him of the fact when she got her hands around his stupid throat! Suddenly,the soft breeze brought the unfamiliar…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 4

Convesing with the Charming Wolf:       Finding clothes that will fit Chance proved a tad difficult and the only thing that would fit him was a pair of black jeans that had the knees worn out. Chance,however,didn’t seem to mind the fact that he was still half naked,not surprising when he didn’t mind…
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Death Game (A short Story)

Death Game The only sound came from the hearth as the flames danced between the logs releasing embers into the air. It cast its glow onto the boys as they sat quietly in anticipation. Their faces threw disfigured shadows, changing with each flicker. Simon opened his hand to show the dice. “This game is called…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 3

  The Scent of the Night Wolf:   There standing inside her home, was a black wolf, and he was looking at her with the bluest eyes Eva had ever seen. The wolf was large in stature, board and strong, his legs thick and powerful. And his fur, it was a velvet black and looked…
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