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Mate Of The Werewolf 13 (Final)

A Wolf Pack Sticks Together:   “Lily?”   Eva quirked her head to the side in question and mild concern. Why would Ross request that she take a look at Lily? Was she hurt in some way? Wait, she was holding her paw earlier. Did she sprain it, or…   Even Chance looked concern as…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 12

Last Wolf Standing:   “Chance!” Eva called out in relief as she immediately made her way to her mate’s side. But her relief soon turned to concern when Chance grunted and fell onto the ground. “Do you feel light-headed or dizzy?” Eva immediately asked,falling into her medical traning side of her personality. “Do you feel…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 11

Clash of the Alpha Wolves:   The scent of blood drifting upon the air was the first thing Eva could sense as she and Chance ran through the thick darkness of the night. And then with blood came the familiarity of her sister’s scent.   Did she attack another rouge wolf or…was she the one…
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Mona and the Old Lady on the Moon (A Short Story)

 Mona was a young girl who lived in Mumbai. One night she saw the full moon rise, climbing slowly across the sky. The moonlight was flooding her father’s corn fields. It was so very beautiful that she praised God for all the wonderful things around her. For her the moon seemed to be at a…
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The Return Of The Musketeers (Their Unfinished Story) 6

“Whoa”. Nate breathed as he watched her spin around, her sword swinging at lightning speed. “You’re not kidding”. Idina chuckled. “Hey!” Rose shouted as she came running back. “Pick on someone your own size!” She dropped into a pose, pointing her closed parasol at one of the men. The gurad laughed. “You think you can…
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The Return Of The Musketeers (Their Unfinished Story) 5

The Shadows Stalkers             The next morning, Maya woke up to see a plate of streaming food sitting beside her bed with a small note that said: You were out like a candle last night before you could have dinner. So here’s some breakfast. Enjoy. Miss Lonny.   ***We’ll Always…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 10

The Werewolf’s Fate:     Camellia was so utterly enraged, even more so when she realized that traitor of a sister had somehow escaped her grasp. She had been out all night, morining a mere hour or so away and she hadn’t beaten her twin sister half to death yet. Oh, and with each passing minute,…
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Mate Of The Werewolf 9

The Big Bad Wolf:     A young man,about 28 years in age appearance wise with vibrant red hair and equally red eyes, sat upon a structure made of stone, the seat in the shape of a throne. This place was once a mansion, one of the most prestigious in the land, and now of…
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The Return Of The Musketeers (Their Unfinished Story) 4

Mistaken Identity Maya slowly walked down the main street of the city, looking for any…..anything. She sighed and fingered her necklace. “How do I know where to start?” she shook her head in exasperation and said loudly. “That’s the problem, I don’t know!” which scored her a strange look from a passerbyer. She hurried a…
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The Return Of The Musketeers (Their Unfinished Story) 3

“Maybe they couldn’t”. The older woman said gently “Honestly, from the moment I picked you off my floor, I knew you were special. There was just….something. My sister couldn’t seem to stop staring at you. I never saw her take to a child like she did to you”. She smiled “I remember when she died,…
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