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Searching for True Love; 5

Amanda’s House: ( Amanda and her mum.) Amanda: Mum, I invited the pastor that you saw a few days ago, to come and pray in my office. Amanda’s Mum: You mean to say, you still believe that a young man of that age can be a pastor? Why do I have this strange feeling that…
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Searching for True Love; 4

Amanda’s Office. ( Amanda and Gift.) Amanda: Gift, I wasn’t even expecting you to. Gift: Why wouldn’t you expect me when you can’t even call your friend to ask how I am faring. Amanda: It’s not to Gift, you know it’s the nature of my job. Gift: I guess so, anyway how is that your…
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Searching for True Love: 3

John Apartment: ( Amanda was seen driving into John’s apartment. Getting down from her car, she walks towards John’s apartment and knock frantically on his door.) Amanda: (Continue knocking until the door opens to reveal a young man, James) Good morning. James: Good morning, who are you and how may I help you? Amanda: Sorry…
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Searching for True Love: 2

Amanda’s Office: ( Amanda was busy with her office work when John entered her office.) John: (Going to meet her) Hello my pretty angel. Amanda: (Stopping whatever she was doing as John peck her cheek before sitting down on one of the empty chairs) Baby, you didn’t tell me you were coming. John: I am…
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Searching for True Love: 1

A Gate: (Amanda was seen knocking on a gate.) Amanda: (Keeps on knocking on the gate as no one answered. She saw a guy passing by and then stopped him) Please don’t be offended, I am looking for a guy call Dave who lives in this compound. Passerby: You mean this house? Amanda: Yes, do…
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Victim’s of Love: 10 Final Chapter

Unknown building: ( Rose was seen with wounds on her body, her hands were tied and her mouth was gagged. Her eyes weren’t tied and she noticed she was in a room. The door that leads to the room open and a scary guy, Okon, with a guy entered carrying a cup filled with water.…
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Victim’s of Love: 9

( Rose was awake and alone and the door to her ward opened and Dave walked in.) Rose: (Surprised) What are you doing here? Who told you where I am? Dave: I heard what happened to you from someone and I decided to check and see if it’s true. Rose: I know you are the…
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Victim’s of Love: 8

Mrs Juliet Kiosk: ( Rose was seen selling apples to someone when Dave was seen coming towards her.) Dave: Rose so this is where you and your mother went and hid. Rose: (Surprised to see Dave) What are you doing here? And how did you find us? Dave: How I came to know you are…
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Victim’s of Love: 7

An Eatery: ( Rose and Junior was seen seated inside an eatery with two bottles of Malts in front of them.) Rose: (with a sad sigh) That was what happened after I got married to Dave and Samson. Junior: You went through a lot Rose. When I came back I searched for you but I…
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Victim’s of Love: 6

Mrs Juliet House: (Rose and her mother was seen discussing) Rose: That was what happened mama, I won’t come back to him until he comes here and beg me. Mrs Juliet: I support you for this one Rose, how person wey sey e don mature no fit behave well. You know dey go back for…
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